19 August 2022

Team News + SIPP Income Day – August 2022

Team News + SIPP Income Day – August 2022

This month’s Team News sees us bring in the start of our FIFTH year as a Chartered firm – for which we were reaccredited for another year last week.

We have recently overseen the successfully installation of two renewable electricity projects at Beckett House – with the installation of solar panels on the roof and an electric car charger for employees and visitors alike. We’re proud to be investing in sustainable solutions for the long-term.

Due to injury, Mark had to pull out of his mammoth charity walk to Buckingham Palace on Day 3 (of six) – however he is already back on his feet and intends to make it up at some point in the future. A brilliant effort nonetheless for a fantastic cause!

Last week we welcomed another work experience student, Nathaniel, to Beckett House. Given that we had advisers cycling up Swiss mountains (James) or walking to Buckingham Palace (Mark), Nathaniel certainly helped lighten the load in his role supporting the team for the week – undertaking fund research, writing letters and creating a student finance guide. If you know of a student looking for work experience, please don’t hesitate to enquire about availability.

From a client’s perspective – the announcement last week from Parmenion about electing your SIPP income day was very welcome. If you want to choose on which day you want to receive your regular income, please let us know! It is worth noting the key steps this involves:

  • Choose between 1st – 28th of the month. If it falls on a weekend or bank holiday, you’ll receive your payment the next working day.
  • Parmenion usually start selling assets 10 working days before the 1st working day of the month. They will check if any dividend income is available first, then sell assets to cover the rest.
  • This cash will be ringfenced until your chosen income day. Whilst income is ringfenced, it will show on statements and reports as an ‘intra-account transfer’. If you choose to get paid later in the month, two payments could be held within one calendar month.
  • Parmenion will then complete the transfer to the FIA on the nominated day

There are also incoming regulatory changes to trusts and the subsequent registering of them by 1st September. If you are a trustee, please read here for more information: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/register-a-trust-as-a-trustee

We hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer – be it at home or abroad!