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At Becketts Financial Services we offer a wide range of financial advice, planning and management services. As independent advisors, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent and unbiased service – informed by independent research, driven by your personal or business goals and tailored to respond to individual circumstances even when they change.

Investments and wealth management

We believe that our independent status creates a hugely valuable opportunity for clients with an interest in investments. Not only are we free to conduct one of the most comprehensive financial analyses available in the UK today. We are free to operate an independent panel of researchers to investigate the full range of financial products and funds – beyond the limits of a single fund manager or group. We are free to offer advice that’s driven purely by the specific goals of our clients, never by the arrangements of our business.

Our investment and wealth management services can be simplified to four steps:

Understanding your unique situation and defining your goals
Our service is bespoke to the needs of each client. In defining your goals, we will consider your cash position, income requirements, other assets and potential inheritances, the expected duration of investments and any other factors specific to you. At this stage it is vitally important for us to understand your attitude to investment risk.

Researching and building an appropriate investment portfolio in order to achieve your goals
Our independent panel of researchers enables us to investigate and assess the full range of investments, funds and financial products available today. On the back of this understanding, we’re able to propose a tailored portfolio with a view to reliably achieving your financial objectives within your defined timescales.

Explaining our proposed services and charges to you
All our recommendations are communicated in writing, to provide you with a clear understanding of the reasoning behind our proposals. Operating on a Client Agreed Remuneration basis, we are also transparent in discussing our fees and will agree the payment process in person and in writing before any investments are made.

Managing the performance of your investments, reacting to change
At Becketts FS, we are proactive in our approach to managing investments on an on-going basis. All investment portfolios are managed and updated as necessary, ensuring that your investments and savings are continually managed by the best fund managers and product providers available.

Corporate and tax planning

Our corporate services are entirely bespoke and our experience is wide-ranging. In order to define the needs of your individual business, we offer a tailored on-site seminar to corporate clients. We’ll present our full range of options, then demonstrate and discuss the potential benefits of building a relationship with us.

Your employees are an asset in a competitive market
The most valuable employees are financially astute; they often have high expectations of their employers in terms of remuneration. One of the most efficient ways to enhance remuneration packages throughout your company and in doing so encourage loyalty amongst your staff, is the provision of suitable employee benefit schemes.

At Becketts, we know that many companies find employee benefit schemes too rigid. So we work closely with individual companies in order to ensure the chosen schemes are as beneficial as possible for both parties over time. As independent advisors, we are able to consider a huge range of financial products designed to reward the loyalty of employees at a sensible cost to employer.

Director-level financial advice and tax-efficient exit strategies
As a senior member, director or shareholder, individual financial circumstances and income level may require investment, corporation tax and National Insurance issues to be addressed. We are experienced in providing advice and management services within this specific context. The exit of an individual at senior or director level also creates concerns – both for the business and the individual. We handle exit and succession strategies that will ensure the company experiences a smooth transition while the outgoing director benefits from a tax-efficient exit – particularly in relation to the sale of shares.

Insuring key people
All businesses rely on certain key individuals to maintain performance and profit. To protect against these unfortunate circumstances, key person insurance can be procured to cover loss of profit and business interruption. It can also provide the vital resources needed to find a suitable replacement, or to restructure the company in such a way as to negate the loss.


Retirement planning

At Becketts, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as individuals. We know that financial security and understanding is key to happiness in later years. Our retirement planning services enable you to take control of issues surrounding pensions, inheritance tax and wealth management. The result is a retirement free from financial worries – a time to relax and enjoy.

Pensions – independent advice for a secure financial future
The available choice of pensions is so great that it can lead to uncertainty, and even confusion. How can you be certain that you’re making the decisions and removing unnecessary risk from your financial future?

Our role is to understand your personal financial situation, retirement plans and expectations in order to select the most suitable option for you.

  • As independent advisors, we are free to consider pension products from the full range of providers – so our advice will never be limited by business arrangements.
  • For your confidence, we’ll advise you on any external factors that could affect your pension in future (such as inflation or income/capital gains tax issues).
  • After your pension has been chosen, we carry out annual pension reviews with you to ensure that your situation remains positive.

Inheritance tax planning - peace of mind for you and your family
Inheritance tax is a real concern for individuals who’ve worked hard to build their personal finances and assets, with the hope of passing them on to family members. Currently, your beneficiaries may have to pay substantial inheritance tax straight to the Government before receiving any of the value of your estate.

There are many factors (including rising property values) that could place the value of your estate above the given inheritance tax allowances, placing pressure on your family during a difficult time.

  • If you are single your beneficiaries will owe 40% of any inheritance over the allowance of £325,000.
  • If you’re married, in a civil partnership or widowed, your beneficiaries will owe 40% of any inheritance over the allowance of £650,000.

A number of inheritance tax strategies can remove or reduce the burden of inheritance tax. These strategies do not mean you necessarily lose control of your assets but will be tailored to your exact needs.

Although none of us like to look ahead to the end of our lives, it’s important to plan early and we are dedicated to making the process as simple and reassuring as possible. As a traditional company with a strong work ethic, we believe that after a lifetime of work you should feel proud of your estate and assured that your loved ones will benefit as you’ve always intended.

Becketts FS provides financial planning and investment management services to private individuals, families and trustees. Our aim is to help our clients make the right decisions about
their financial future.

The way Becketts dealt with everything made me feel 100% comfortable with my move abroad.
Mr David Atkinson
HardRock Cafe, Barcelona
I will have no hesitation in referring people either on a business footing or that I know personally to you.
Mr Michael Woosnam, Solicitor
I now feel totally confident that we are in a safe pair of hands, with someone and a company that understand our needs.
Mrs Florence and Mr Peter Gratrix
I would like to recommend Becketts FS to anyone who needs assistance with their finances.
Mr James Grant
General Manager AQAudio
I was recommended to Becketts FS and from the first day I was impressed with the company!
Mr Richard Hawkridge
We were recommened to Becketts FS as an IFA and have been delighted at the level of service and advice provided.
Peter and Florence Gratrix
It is very important to have confidence in the people you are dealing with and I certainly feel confident in dealing with Becketts FS.
Mr James Stephens, Lancashire

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